Products To Buy Before Storing Your RV For The Winter

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Your seasonal days of RVing are coming to a close, and you plan to store your RV in a facility for the winter. You can come across a lot of great tips for getting your valued home-away-from-home prepared for the winter break, but several products can also help with the process. Take a look at some of the products to pick up as you get ready to store your RV away for a few months. 

1. Fuel Stabilizer 

Draining the fuel from your RV is not an easy task, so it is better just to leave the fuel you have in the tank before you store your RV and just pick up a fuel stabilizer. Fuel stabilizer is a fluid that helps keep the fuel from growing bad during long periods of sitting idle. 

2. Sticky Bug Traps 

No matter how well you clean up your RV before storage, you may still have a stray pest hanging around. From cockroaches to ants, all of these pests can cause problems if they are locked up in your RV for the winter. The pests will likely find enough food to thrive and reproduce, so stick out a few sticky pest traps in various places to capture anything hanging around after you lock up for the season. 

3. Tire Cradles 

Tires are one of the biggest points on your RV to protect before storage. Having the RV sit idle in one spot without the tires rotating can lead to damage. You can pick up tire cradles that have a curved bottom to cradle the tires in a more natural shape. These tire cradles are inexpensive and they could save you a great deal of money by protecting your tires from getting misshapen. 

4. Tire Covers 

Another good way to protect your tires is with tire covers, protecting them from UV light. If you have an enclosed storage space with no windows at the RV storage facility, you won't necessarily have to worry about UV light. However, the covers can also help insulate the tires during freezing temperatures, which can also protect their integrity. 

5. Chemical-Free Holding Tank Cleaner 

Flushing out your water and black water holding tanks before storage is important, but you may also want to give them a good cleaning in the process. Pick up some chemical-free RV storage tank cleaner. If the RV storage facility has a dump station, you can clean out the tanks with the solution and flush the cleaning agents into the dump station as you do. 

For more information, contact an RV storage company.