Five Important Things That Are Easy To Forget During An Out-Of-State Move

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Moving out of state can be a challenge. Here are a few important things to not forget. 

1. Don't forget to forward your mail

Stop in at the post office just before you leave and fill out a change of address form. Once you get to the new state, it can be really hard to get someone to retrieve your mail from your old mailbox if you forget. 

2. Don't forget to get quotes from out-of-state moving companies 

Working with any ordinary moving company can seem fine for the move, but it is always best to work specifically with an out-of-state moving company. Companies that are accustomed to working with customers who are moving long distances will be: 

  • More equipped to handle the move with the proper transportation vehicles
  • More capable of offering helpful information to you during the move 
  • More willing to give you a price that falls in line with your budget

Keep in mind that it can be logical to look for a company that is close to where you are moving to because it means they will not have to drive far to get back to headquarters when the move is done, so you may be able to save some money. 

3. Don't forget to change your driver's license

Once you get your things to your new home and you are settled, go ahead and make a trip to the local DMV to change your driver's license. Not doing so can actually get you a ticket in some states. Plus, having a driver's license for out of state can cause complications with your auto insurance if you are in an accident.  

4. Don't forget to change your pet's microchip information

If you have your pet microchipped, make sure you change the registration information when you move. If you are simply moving within the same city, disregarding making updates is usually not a big deal. However, an out-of-state move can be a major change, and the change can also include a changed phone number. 

5. Don't forget to obtain documents that show when you left

To establish when you moved from one state to the next, you will need documentation for that, and this is something to consider before you actually get moved. For tax-filing purposes, you may have to show when you left one state for another. Something like a canceled lease agreement from your old landlord or a receipt of sale from your current home can work.

To learn more about moving out of state, contact an out-of-state moving company in your current or future area.