Moving With Little Notice? Follow These 3 Tips

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While most moves occur with plenty of planning, sometimes they can happen without much notice at all. It will make things very stressful finding out that you quickly need to pack up everything and find a new place. A move with little notice is still possible to pull off if you follow these tips.

1. Pack Essentials As If You're Going On A Trip

A move that needs to be done quickly means that you may be packing a bit haphazardly. Items may be going into boxes with very little organization, with the hope that you'll sort it out later once you get to your new home. The problem with this is that there are essential items that you'll need to find right away.

Plan to pack your suitcases with essential items, and treat is as if you were going on a trip. This means setting aside some nice clothes, your bathroom toiletries, medications, cell phone charger, and things of that nature. This will allow you to take some time at your new place when unpacking, even if things are not in the most organized state.

2. Leave Your Dressers Filled With Clothes

There is no point in emptying your dressed if you have it filled with clothing. You'll just be putting everything from one box and putting it into another. Keep all clothes in your dressed to avoid the need to pack and unpack them.

However, doing this will require that you take some steps to keep the drawers shut. You can wrap the item in plastic wrap so that the drawers won't move while in transit. If the drawers filled with clothing are too heavy to move the dresser, take out a drawer or two and set them to the side, place the drawers back in once everything is on the moving truck, and then take the drawers back out when unloading.

3. Have A Moving Party With Friends

If speed is a concern, ask friends and family over to have a moving party. Bring plenty of snacks along with packing materials, and ask everyone to pitch in with getting the job done. You will be surprised at how quickly it goes when you have many people doing small tasks.

If you do not have people to invite over to help pack, consider hiring a moving company that can help you with doing all of the packing. When a moving company in your area does the job for you, it can be done in less time since there will not be all the socializing.