3 Tips For Keeping Your Cool During A Summer Move

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For many families, it just makes sense to move during the summer season. That's when the kids are out of school and when many working adults take vacation time at work. It's often a convenient time to make a big transition like a household move. However, moving in the middle of the summer heat also comes with its own special challenges, and it's easy to get hot under the collar when you're dealing with them. Keep your cool with some simple tips that will help make your summer move easy.

Get the Timing Right

The first thing you need to know is that a summer move will probably cost you more than a move during the fall, spring, or winter. About half of all moves occur between the beginning of May and Labor Day, and because demand is high, prices tend to go up during this time of year. However, there are some things you can do to help keep your costs down a bit.

You may not be able to put your move off to a different season, but if you have control over the time of month or the day of the week, you can get a better rate. Most people move at either the beginning or end of the month, so if you move during the middle of the month, you can get a better rate because business is slower. The same goes for the day of the week. The majority of people are going to move on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday, so schedule your move for a Tuesday or Wednesday if you can. 

Hydrate Yourself

Packing, loading, and unpacking are hard jobs that will make you sweat even in the dead of winter. However, doing these tasks in the middle of a heat wave can actually be dangerous if you don't make sure to stay hydrated. You could be vulnerable to heat stroke while loading and unloading a hot truck on a summer day.

Don't drink alcohol the day before or the day of the move, as that can have a dehydrating effect. Drinking enough water to keep you from feeling thirsty should be sufficient if you're going to be going in and out of an air conditioned house. However, if you're going to be out in the heat for more than an hour, or if there's no air conditioning indoors, you may need to go a step further. Sports drinks that contain electrolytes and carbohydrates keep you hydrated and prevent dangerously low blood sodium. If you're using professional movers, it's a nice gesture to have some bottled water or other drinks on hand for them while they're working too.

Protect Your Possessions From the Heat

You may need to take special precautions with items that can be affected by heat. During the summer, the temperature inside of a parked car can exceed 150 degrees. The back of a windowless moving van without climate control isn't any cooler.

A cooler, or a similar insulated container, can help protect particularly vulnerable items, like candles, which can melt, and DVDs or VCR tapes that can warp in extreme heat. You will also want to use a cooler with ice for any food items that are perishable or prone to melting. Never put plants or pets in the back of a moving truck. Even a short trip could be extremely dangerous for the health of your plants or pets – bring them in the car with you, or arrange other transportation for them.

With careful planning and proper precautions, your summer move doesn't have to be too hot to handle. Your local moving company or last minute movers can help you with supplies and tips that will make your move a breeze.