Tips For Negotiating Price With A Professional Moving Company

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If you live in an area where there are a lot of professional moving companies, then follow these tips to negotiate the best price for your upcoming move.

Negotiation Tip: Contact Moving Companies as Far Ahead of Your Move Date as Possible

The day you know you are going to be moving from one home to another is the day you should ideally start looking for a moving company. If you wait too close to the date you need to move, then you will have less choice of who moves you because popular moving companies will already be all booked up. Additionally, when you are desperate to find a moving company in a short period of time, the moving companies will realize this and be less likely to negotiate with you on the price.

Negotiation Tip: Be as Flexible as Possible on the Date You Move

If you have the option of moving a few days before or after your ideal moving date, then try to stay as flexible as possible when working with a moving company. Often, it is cheaper to move on a day during the week than on a weekend, and if you are also willing to be slotted into the moving company's schedule on a date they don't have any existing moves scheduled, then they will be more willing to work with you on the price. If you call them up and have one single day your move must happen on, then you can expect a higher price due to your inflexibility.

Negotiation Tip: Take On Some of the Moving and Packing Tasks Yourself

If you have the ability to move some things yourself or even do all of the packing, then you can often negotiate a lower price for moving your household. The less work the movers need to do and the fewer valuables and breakable items they have to move, then the lower the cost.

Negotiation Tip: Realize That Excessively Low Moving Quotes Often Are Issued by Less-Than-Reputable Moving Companies

As a final note, it is important to note that excessively low moving quotes are often issued by moving companies that are not reputable. These companies often give a very low quote to get your business, and then once your household belongings arrive at their destination, they will demand more money before they unload it into your new home. For this reason, it is vital you work with a professional moving company with a good reputation online and with your local Better Business Bureau.